MTV has temporarily shut down the recordings of the Catfish program. Presenter and executive producer Nev Schulman is accused of sexual misconduct.


“We take the accusations very seriously,” said an MTV spokesman against  The Daily Beast. “Together with Critical Content, our production company, we provide an in-depth investigation.” 

Catfish, in which liars are exposed in the world of online dating, has been on television since 2012. Schulman researches online relationships and tries to find out if people are who they say they are.

The 33-year-old presenter, who is married to Laura Perlongo and has a daughter, denies having done anything wrong. “I have always been open about my life and take my responsibilities, but these accusations are false.”


The news about Schulman came out after Ayissha Morgan, a woman seen in an episode of  Catfish, put several videos on YouTube in which she says she was treated unfairly by Schulman during shooting.

She does not mention the name Schulman, but says that the “protagonist” of the program asked her if she had ever had sex with a man, that she should try that and that he himself was created big. He also reportedly invited her to his hotel, where he wanted to “cuddle” with her. She refused that.