The recordings of the new and final season of the drama series House of Cards without the fired Kevin Spacey were found strange by the cast.

“It was bizarre”, says actor Michael Kelley (Doug Stamper in the series) in an interview in the American magazine Variety. “Kevin was often a great entertainer on the set, he did people, sang songs, and made everyone laugh a lot, and it felt really crazy when all of that disappeared.”

But according to Kelley, Robin Wright, Spacey’s co-star, has completely filled that emptiness. “She has guided us by setting a good example.”


Wright was also the one who, after the departure of Spacey and the associated suspension of the recordings of the sixth season, could convince Netflix and the studio MRC to continue anyway. With this, the 52-year-old actress saved not only the end of the series, but also around two thousand jobs.

The last season of House of Cards will be on Netflix from Friday 2 November.

Spacey was accused of sexual harassment and abuse

The recordings of House of Cards were shut down in October 2017 after Spacey was accused of sexual harassment and abuse. The 52-year-old actor, Frank Underwood, was the protagonist in the last five seasons of the hugely popular Netflix production.

Although the producers were already working to put an end to the series, the affairs surrounding Spacey caused complications. After the allegations to Spaceys address, Netflix made an investigation into the actor and the streaming service decided not to let him return in the series.

The study revealed that, in addition to the allegations of sexual abuse and misconduct, Spacey would have provided years for a poor work climate on the set of House of Cards .