Google’s messaging now has 1.5 billion users.

Gmail continues to grow and strengthens its impressive lead over the competition. After breaking the 1 billion active user mark in February 2016, Mountain View’s email client has reached a new milestone three years later with 1.5 billion users. To date, Google’s messaging is the most popular in the world. Outlook (Microsoft) and Yahoo Mail are far behind. Android smartphone users have helped to increase this figure since a Gmail account can fully operate these famous mobiles. The more modern and refined graphic redesign, as well as the addition of new features (notably the Smart Reply) have also strongly helped to bring new users together.


Available since April 2004, Gmail offers to retrieve mail hosted from other providers following the POP3 protocol (Post Office Protocol). This means that these letters will be readable in Gmail as if they were sent directly to the Gmail account. These letters are then differentiated by affixing a label reflecting their provenance and allowing the user to see at a glance whether mail has been addressed to his personal Gmail address, his business address or any other other email address.

Gmail in video