The marriage of R. Kelly (52) with the then fifteen-year-old Aaliyah in 1994, shows that he is a frequent offender. That is what the prosecutors claim in the case against the singer, who is suspected of including sexual abuse of minors.

“This is not a one-off error, the sexual abuse of minors by the suspect has taken place prematurely and frequently”

Robert Kelly was 27 when he married Aaliyah. On the bridal certificate the couple stated that she was eighteen. Her parents were not aware of it, and then had the marriage canceled.

In court documents held by the New York Post , the prosecutors cite the marriage as proof that Kelly has a history of abusing underage girls and therefore cannot be released on bail as requested by his lawyers. “In our investigation into the suspect, the government has released the official marriage application, the marriage certificate and the annulment of this marriage. This is not a one-off mistake, the sexual abuse of minors by the suspect has occurred prematurely and frequently”, according to the prosecutors.