R. Kelly (52) is currently in a difficult situation. The singer was arrested in July on suspicion of human trafficking and child pornography and has a total of thirteen charges against him. In order to save him, R. Kelly wants to appeal to lawyer Tom Mesereau (69), who previously acquitted Michael Jackson for child abuse. But he needs a lot of money for that. 

According to TMZ, R. Kelly can count on several anonymous people from the entertainment world to contribute a little for his defense. Kelly wants to hire lawyer Tom Mesereau, who in 2005 already acquitted Michael Jackson for child abuse. But Mesereau comes with a high price tag, and Kelly cannot cough that sum up alone. That is why the musician allegedly appeals to various people – including fans and acquaintances from the music industry – to make a donation. 

As soon as the payment is in order, only Kelly’s current lawyer, Steven Greenberg, has to be fired. He denies that a collaboration with Mesereau is in the making and calls the rumor “a complete load of nonsense”. Whatever the case, it is reported that Mesereau R. Kelly has already visited the Chicago prison to discuss the matter.