Disney unveiled the first image of the feature film devoted to the devilish fur collector, expected in theaters in May 2021

She still has two-tone hair, a red mouth and a clear obsession with Dalmatians. Disney unveiled on Saturday at its D23 convention, the first image of the film dedicated to the iconic villainous 101 Dalmatians, Cruella d’Enfer.

It’s the Oscar-winning actress Emma Stone who will lend her features to the cruel fur collector . On the published cliché, she appears in total look leather – “punk rock” – holding on leash three spotted canines, whose fate is dreaded fears.

The youth of Cruella

The feature film devoted to the devilish fashion designer is expected in American theaters May 28, 2021. It will focus on the youth of Cruella in London in the 70s. How did she become this Machiavellian woman obsessed with coats in Dalmatian puppy furs?

Darker and more rock than the cartoon released in 1961, the film directed by Craig Gillespie ( I, Tonya ) also includes the Oscar-winning British actress Emma Thompson and the actors Paul Walter Hauser and Joel Fry, who appear in the background of the image, alongside Emma Stone.

The character of Cruella d’Enfer was previously played in the cinema by actress Glenn Close in The 101 Dalmatians in 1996 and 102 Dalmatians in 2001.