According to The Sun , Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain will release The Happy Hounds Dog Cologne perfume for dogs, which smells like “walks along the coast”. More specifically, it is described as “a rich, musky fragrance with citrus notes of bergamot”.

Of course, sales will not be handled by Elizabeth herself. The perfume, in a bottle bearing the royal emblem, will join the range of tourist memorabilia and will sell for £9.99 (about $13.53) at the Queen’s estate gift shop in Sandringham, Norfolk. The fragrance is positioned as “unisex”, which means that it can be used for both bitches and males. Scented sprays and perfumes for dogs are nothing new on the market. Such products can be found in the most ordinary pet store for a long time.

Queen-Elizabeth-II-launches-Coast-Walks-scent-for-dogsThe estate’s gift shop already stocks the Sandringham Happy Hound Gift Box, advertised as “the perfect gift for dog lovers and their furry friends.” The set includes scented dog shampoo, toy bones and a tweed dog toy.


As you know, the 95-year-old queen has owned dogs of the Corgi and Dorgi breeds (a cross between a Dachshund and a Corgi) all her adult life. Last year, a month after the death of Elizabeth’s husband, Prince Philip, Fergus, one of two puppies given to the Queen by her son Prince Andrew , died while Philip was still in the hospital. The queen now has dorgis Candy and Muik, and recently she has a cocker spaniel named Lissy. In total, the queen had more than thirty dogs in her life.