Alec Baldwin being sued

The tragic death of Halyna Hutchins has been recreated in an animation at the behest of the lawyers representing her family. The video comes nearly three months after a script supervisor of the film ‘Rest’ charged Alec Baldwin (63) and several other producers for the fatal shooting incident on the film set that killed their colleague.

“Halyna and I had known each other for quite some time and she was a fantastic colleague”

The camerawoman was hit by a bullet during the rehearsal of the scene in question in October and died. Director Joel Souza was also hit, but he escaped with relatively minor injuries.

The team of lawyers has released a 3D animation on behalf of Halyna’s relatives. The video shows Alec and “others responsible for safety on set” and “how reckless behavior caused the death of Halyna Hutchins,” a lawyer said. The video was shown on Thursday during a press conference about the incident to make the case against Alec even stronger.

In the animation you can clearly see the location of the incident, where Alec is handed the weapon. Halyna, director Joel Souza and other crew members are masked and behind the camera, facing Alec. At one point, Alec points the gun at the camera and shoots. Halyna falls to the ground and you see Joel grab his shoulder.

Alec himself strongly denies. He has always said that he did not know that the weapon, which in fact only served as a ‘film prop’, was loaded. The actor, in his own words, cannot be blamed for the fact that there were loose blanks in the weapon, which caused Halyna to die. “Why would I do such a thing? Halyna and I had known each other for quite some time and she was a fantastic colleague. I would never take such a risk in the workplace, would I?” said the actor.