Avatar franchise producer John Landau said that James Cameron was quarantined 14 days after arriving in New Zealand and began filming. In his Instagram, Landau posted a photo with a caption:

Used the iPhone to capture the first shooting day after resuming production of the continuation of Avatar.

Filming was scheduled to begin in April, but the coronavirus pandemic had to be postponed. Currently, the number of cases is declining, so the New Zealand government has announced that it removes a number of restrictions. That will allow to resume filming processes.

The film crew plans to shoot the scenes immediately “Avatar 2” and “Avatar 3”. The plot of the paintings is not disclosed. It is known that the action will occur a few years after the first part. Jake and Neytiri, the main characters of the film, will have a daughter. The whole family will be forced to leave their home and go on a trip to Pandora. Many scenes will take place near or under water. The main antagonist in the continuation, according to rumors, will again be Colonel Miles Quaritch, despite the fact that he was killed at the end of the first film.

The premiere of the film “Avatar 2” is scheduled for 2021.