Alec and Hilaria have four small children, and now she is pregnant with a fifth child.

Users learned that Hilaria Baldwin uses the services of a nanny, which helps her cope with four young children, and has become the object of criticism. Hilaria was accused of not paying attention to her children and not coping with maternal responsibilities.

But recently, a 36-year-old mother with many children explained why she could not do without a nanny.

It turns out interestingly. People write: “Fu, she shed the babysitter off.” But this does not mean that I do not care about my children. It just means that I combine motherhood with work. I work every day. And people are trying to shame me for it, this is unfair. My family and Alec’s family live far away, and our children are still small. It’s normal to accept help, and there’s no shame in the fact that this help is provided by another person,

Hilaria said in a new podcast..

Last year, Baldwin’s wife suffered two miscarriages, and this year she became pregnant again. Hilaria and Alec dream of a fifth child. Now the actor’s wife is doing everything possible to maintain health and maintain pregnancy. She recently demonstrated how she does light exercise for pregnant women in a bikini.