The long-awaited sequel to the legendary “Matrix” franchise is out now. Keanu Reeves and Carey-Annie Moss returned to the fourth picture, “The Matrix: Resurrection”. The plot will again put Neo before a choice, and the new characters will be no less mysterious than the already known ones.
One of these heroines is Sati, played by Priyanka Chopra. For the premiere, the actress gave an interview to RIA Novosti and talked about what is special about working with Lana Wachowski, why on the set she felt like a real fan girl, which was recreated from the first film and what life taught her in different countries of the world.
– How and when did you see the first “Matrix”? Remember the impressions?
That was when I first thought about special effects. Later, when I was filming myself, I recalled “The Matrix” as one of the first projects that interested me in the magic of cinema.
– What does it mean for you to participate in the movie “The Matrix: Resurrection” – the continuation of the cult franchise with many fans around the world?
– Being a part of the legacy of the history of the “Matrix” is incredible luck! I remember an agent called me and told me that Lana Wachowski wanted to meet. At that moment I was in India, but flew to San Francisco on the first flight.
Considering that the fourth part directly continued the franchise and Neo and Trinity returned to it, this film became even more expected for everyone.
– Tell us what it was like working with Lana?
– She is the undisputed leader and very clearly imagined what our characters were supposed to be. She understands this universe like no other. Probably, Lana is the only one or one of the few who knows what the Matrix really is. So it was important for me to follow her instructions.
Lana pays attention to every detail from lighting to costumes and visuals. It was incredibly cool just being on the set! I was especially impressed by the fact that some of the sets from the first “Matrix” were specially recreated for the new picture.
– The film was filmed in an atmosphere of great secrecy. How many details were revealed to you personally before work?
– Initially, the film was everywhere positioned under the code name “Ice Cream Project” (a frequent practice for Hollywood films, so as not to attract too much attention from fans during filming. – Ed.). I was just told about my character and her role in this story.
After meeting with Lana, when we discussed the details, they gave me the script and information about the scenes in which I participate.
It was exciting – we were sitting in Lana’s office and she says, “Just take the script.” It was literally still warm – just printed! This is an indescribable feeling!
– How would you describe your character Sati?
– I would say that Sati is a woman with a specific purpose, she has a purpose and she is waiting for the moment to accomplish what she must. When her story intersects with Neo in the film, we learn that this is far from the first time.
I think there is something truly powerful about a confident woman. And Sati is just that. She exudes a quiet boldness and it is very attractive.
– Many new artists will appear in the film. Which of them did you have scenes with?
– I starred with almost everyone. I have to admit that when the whole caste got together for the first time, I felt like a real fan girl! Later I worked with the amazing Jada Pinkett Smith, Yahya Abdul-Matin II (he played Morpheus. – Ed.), Jessica Henwick, Erendira Ibarra.
And I was very lucky: we all immediately got along with each other and began to spend time together not only on the site. It seems to me that I have found friends for life, and this is a great rarity.
And I also knew Brian Smith – we had previously starred together in the series “Base Quantico”. So it was great to see him and work with him again on set.
– In general, how close is the genre of fantasy and science fiction to you?
– Very! When I was growing up, I was fond of books in this genre and comics: literally everything from Nancy Drew (book and film characters, girl detective. – Ed.) To “The Magnificent Five” (a series of children’s detective books by the English writer Enid Blyton. – Approx. ed.) and the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm.
I grew up in different countries of the world, so I read French stories about Asterix and Obelix, Belgian stories about Tintin, American Archie Comics or Indian stories about Chacha Chaudhary.
– Why do you think Neo and Trinity are so remembered by the audience? Why is their relationship still so relevant?
– It seems to me that this is all because of the story itself, written in detail. It makes us ask questions about self-awareness, about our reality, to question it. The “Matrix” talks about perception, how we see the present and whether it is so. It seems to me that these questions are close or at least familiar to everyone. At least once you’ve probably asked yourself them.
Plus, Neo and Trinity are brilliantly shown on screen thanks to the work of Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss. So much so that you want to join them on their journey. And their relationship has become a real classic.