This Sunday in Jodhpur will be the wedding of 36-year-old actress Priyanka Chopra and 25-year-old singer Nick Jonas. The lovers have already begun a long preparation for the ceremony, for which, at the beginning of the week, they arrived in India with their brother Nick Joe and his bride Sophie Turner.

Nick and Priyanka’s Indian wedding, which is close friend of Megan Markle, will generally take four days. On Monday, the couple had already arranged a preliminary celebration in Mumbai – the future newlyweds, along with Joe and Sophie, went to one of the restaurants in the city, where they discussed the upcoming ceremony in a solemn atmosphere.

On Wednesday, the lovers had another important pre-wedding stage: together with close relatives, they underwent an intimate puja prayer ceremony, which included offering food, burning incense, bathing, performing dances, sacred hymns and reading mantras. So Priyanka and Nick received the blessing of a union with God and the spirits.

On this day, Chopra, Jonas, as well as his brother and his bride, Sophie, got into the lenses of the paparazzi in national Indian clothing and with a bindi – a red dot on their forehead, called the “third eye.” Judging by these outfits, Joe and Sophie also participated in the prayer rite.


Today, Nick and Priyanka, together with some guests, finally arrived in Jodhpur, where their magnificent wedding will take place in the magnificent palace of Umayid Bhavan. On the same day, the bride and women from her family decorated their body with mehendi, after which the future spouses were officially presented to each other at another pre-wedding ceremony – Sangeet.


By the way, some details of the Sunday celebration are already known. As we mentioned earlier, it will take place in one of the largest private residences in the world, Umaid Bhavan, in which the hall rental is about 60 thousand dollars per night. Near the palace, the installation of lasers, lights, scenery and stage for the upcoming celebration has already begun. Judging by the countless boxes with fireworks located in the palace, this Sunday, guests will enjoy a real fire show.