Prince William, 38, announced yesterday that famed Colombian singer Shakira has joined the Earthshot Prize environmental council. On this occasion, the Duke phoned the 43-year-old star by zoom and thanked her for being a part of this important event.

But they also spoke on non- ecologically related topics. Thus, Prince William expressed a strong interest in Shakira’s hobby for skateboarding. He admitted to watching a video of her rolling in the parking lot and was very impressed.

One of my team members showed me this video. You skate a lot, right?

William said.

Laughing out loud, Shakira could not believe that the duke really saw it, but he hastened to dispel her doubts. Seeing the interest of Prince William, the singer told how she became interested in skateboarding.

I always looked at skaters and was very jealous of them. I have always dreamed of being able to skate just like them. And this year – I don’t know what happened to me – I tried to put my kids on the skateboard. I took them to one of the shops, but they were not very interested in this. What can not be said about me! Now I can’t stop skating. And I also surf

– she admitted.

Prince William noted that it is very important to discover new hobbies for yourself, as they make life happier and happier.

I love that you have found what you really love. This is all life, isn’t it? You learn something new all the way

– he concluded