The second pregnancy of 24-year-old Kylie Jenner became known at the end of the summer. Whether the star wanted the public to know about this, or whether she wanted to keep her pregnancy a secret, like the first time, is difficult to say. Nevertheless, the news leaked to the network, and Kylie did not deny.

At the same time, Kylie shares the details of how the pregnancy is proceeding very carefully , keeping intrigue. Yesterday she published a new picture showing a growing belly

Growing up

– she wrote.

The TV star does not disclose the gender of the future baby, whom she is expecting from her 29-year-old lover Travis Scott, however, in her recent publication on Instagram, Kylie’s fans saw some hint.¬†She posted a photo showing her sneaker with blue laces.¬†The interior of the car was also upholstered in blue.¬†Photo Kylie signed Baby blues, which may indicate that the couple is expecting a boy.

Kylie and Travis have already begun to actively prepare for the birth of their second child. Jenner revealed that a children’s room with slides, stairs and other entertainment is under construction in her house.

How long is Kylie now, she also does not say.

Together with her boyfriend Travis Scott, Kylie is raising a three-year-old daughter Stormi. She is looking forward to the birth of her younger brother or sister.

The couple has not officially legalized their union in four years of relationship. Moreover, after the birth of their daughter, Travis and Kylie parted more than once and converged again. Nevertheless, they always maintained a good relationship and did not make scandals. Now, according to insiders, they are both in seventh heaven and are looking forward to the birth of a baby.