Yesterday, 29-year-old model Emily Ratzkowski announced that she would become a mother for the first time: the star is expecting a child from her 33-year-old husband Sebastian Bier-McClard. Having starred pregnant for Vogue magazine, the star also wrote an essay for the publication – about gender, strength and motherhood. In the article, Emily admitted that she and her husband do not want to know the sex of the child, but not because it should be a surprise for them at the birth of their first child. The couple looks at this question more progressively.

When my husband and I tell friends that I am pregnant, their first question after congratulations almost always sounds like this: “Do you know who you want?” We like to answer that we don’t know the gender until our child is 18 years old. Everyone laughs at this. However, there is a truth to this that is far more complex than any genitals our baby might be born with: the truth is that we ultimately have no idea who, and not what, is growing inside my belly. Who will this person be? For which person will we become parents? How will he change our lives and who are we?

– notes Ratzkowski

She admitted that she likes the idea of ​​imposing as few gender stereotypes on the child as possible.

I don’t like that we impose gender bias on people, let alone children. I want to be a parent who will allow the child to show himself to me. And yet I understand that while I can hope that my child will be able to define his own place in the world, he will face undeniable restrictions and stereotypes around a particular gender before learning to speak or even being born.

– Emily writes

Emily also shared her fears about raising a son if she and her husband had a boy.

I’m not afraid to raise a “bad guy”. Many people I know abuse their power, but they do it unintentionally. I am afraid to inadvertently cultivate the carelessness and lack of awareness that are so comfortable for men. It is much more difficult to explain the benefits to a child than to teach him simple black and white morality. How can I raise a child who learns to love himself and at the same time teach him about the power that men in the world have?

She asks.

Nevertheless, the star says that she does not feel any excitement or fear on the eve of the upcoming motherhood: on the contrary, an absolutely new feeling of peace has come to her.

I’m already learning from this person inside me,

– she concludes.