Taylor Swift
Fans of Taylor Swift (30) who receive a signed copy of the album ‘Folkore’ can possibly count on a little extra.┬áThe singer said on Twitter that some CD books may contain hair from her cats.┬áTaylor also wrote that some CDs might smell a bit like white wine.

With her tweet, Taylor posted a photo of some booklets with a cat. Which cat it is, she left in the middle. The singer has three cats in the house: Meredith Gray, Olivia Benson and Benjamin Button. Taylor received a lot of comments on Twitter. Followers also post photos with their cat with the tweet. Others already had their signed CD and showed a photo of it. Until now no one has found cat hair on his specimen.

‘Folkore’ is the album Taylor Swift recorded during the corona pandemic. She really made it a spectacle. For example, the deluxe version comes with eight different covers and different versions of the songs from the CD can be heard via the streaming services.