The porn site will not take long to respond to the new Starbucks policy.

It was with Business Insider that Starbucks had confided in its new policy on the provision of its WiFi points. Following numerous complaints, pornographic sites are now blocked. A policy that Pornhub, leader of pornographic streaming, decided to answer – not without humor. And for good reason: the giant has set up a section called SFW is “Safe for work”. What to allow to see all but pornographic videos on a pornographic site. No doubt that Starbucks will appreciate the approach of Pornhub!

Pornhub does not lose his sense of humor

Go back. It was during an interview for Business Insiders that Starbucks had communicated on blocking pornographic sites for those who would try to view them via one of its WiFi points.

To ensure that our banners remain safe and welcoming for all, we have devised a solution to prevent this content being viewed in our cafes and begin its implementation in our US locations in 2019.

In response to this new policy, Pornhub has rolled out a “Safe for Work” category where non-pornographic videos are offered. It was through a statement that the site’s vice president, Corey Price, spoke on this new response section to Starbucks.

To comply with the new Starbucks rules, we have made available an option that allows our fans to continue to enjoy their favorite content, but that is a consumption in public places.

Will Starbucks respond to this little wink from Pornhub? Nothing is less sureā€¦