The Santa Fe sheriff released a video on Monday of the fatal incident on the Rust film set in October 2021, Variety reports . It concerns recordings of the day when camerawoman Halyna Hutchins died, after she was hit by a bullet from the pistol that Baldwin was holding.

Rest director Joel Souza was hit in the shoulder by the bullet that had gone through Hutchins’ torso. The released material shows, among other things, that actor Alec Baldwin points a gun at the camera. The actor has stated that he did not pull the trigger.

In the footage released Monday, Baldwin is wearing a cowboy costume and sitting on a pew. He pulls the gun from his jacket with his right hand and points at the camera. The actor then does that again.

The sheriff has also released a video of director Souza in the emergency department. He talks to a police officer about the incident and says the gunsmith handed the gun to an actor. According to Souza, the weapon was said to be “cold” or “clean”. This means that there are blanks and no real bullets in it.

On Monday, the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Department handed over some of the investigation into the fatal shooting to the State’s Attorney’s Office.

However, the investigation has not yet been completed, the public prosecutor emphasizes. “The district attorney’s office must wait for the full investigation to be handed over by the sheriff’s office. Once we receive the completed investigation and thoroughly examine all of the evidence, a decision on the criminal charges will be made.”