Amber heard

A forensic psychologist stated during the lawsuit between Johnny Depp (58) and Amber Heard (36) that the actress suffers from borderline personality disorder. The psychologist, Shannon Curry, was asked by Depp’s team to provide an expert analysis.

The psychologist stated that Amber has a personality disorder that affects the way she thinks about herself and others. Also, the disorder would cause her to have difficulty controlling her emotions, behavior, and relationships with others. In addition, according to Curry, Amber has a theatrical personality disorder, which is characterized by an excessive drive for attention and approval.

The psychologist has not only included all substantive details of the case so far in her conclusion, but has also spoken personally with Amber twice. Footage from the lawsuit shows Heard rolling her eyes several times during Curry’s testimony.

Johnny has sued his ex-wife Amber. The couple was married until 2016. Johnny is suing Amber for libel over an article she wrote for The Washington Post in 2018 . The actress talks about domestic violence that she has experienced, but does not mention her ex by name. Johnny thinks it’s obvious she’s writing about him and sued her. He denies assaulting Amber.

Last year Johnny and Amber also met in court in London. The actor then lost a lawsuit against the British newspaper The Sun over an article calling him a “wife abuser.” The judge ruled that there was no libel, because he felt that there was insufficient evidence that the actor had not mistreated his ex. Amber was brought in as a witness for The Sun.