The Pokémon GO players who will participate in the next Community Day will be delighted to hear that a new special attack will be unveiled for Pharamp, namely Dracochoc.

At the end of last month, we were talking about Niantic’s next monthly Pokémon GO event, the fourth Community Day of the Year, which will take place in less than eight days now. It is indeed April 15 that will begin this event and from 11am to 14h, players will leave in search of Wattouat …

Bonuses and an exclusive attack will be unveiled during the Community Day

To have the exclusive attack, it will then evolve Wattouat Lainergie, then Pharamp, and that the latter who will have the exclusive attack Dracochoc. We are not inventing anything since the Pokémon Go France community tweeted:


The faithful players who will take the trouble to hunt the pokemon that day, will enjoy other significant benefits for any good hunter of virtual creatures. Indeed, we have learned from reliable sources that the distance needed to hatch eggs will be divided by 4 and that the lures will last 3 hours!

Not related to this community day of April 15, we remind you that Pokémon GO announces 37 waste collection events on the beaches on the occasion of Earth Day on April 22, of which 10 will be held in France. In return for your Pokémon GO time will offer: ” Star Dust gains” will be doubled when capturing Plant, Water and Ground type Pokémon from 1,500 participants, and tripled if the number reaches 3,000 participants “. A good way to combine business with pleasure, while helping to save our planet.