Sony has just unveiled the release date and the name of its future console. Unsurprisingly, it will be called PS5 / Playstation 5. In the wake, the Japanese firm has raised several key elements of the technical sheet. Finally, Sony announced several new features of the DualShock 5.

In an interview with our colleagues at Wired, Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, confirmed the commercial name of the PS5. True to its usual nomenclature, the brand has decided to name its console “Playstation5”. “This information may not be a real surprise, but we wanted to confirm it for our fans, as we will soon be unveiling the details of our plans for our next generation of consoles,” Sony said in a statement on its official blog.

PS5: exit at the end of 2020, it’s finally official, Christmas! In a second time, the leader announced (finally) the launch window of the PS5. As many rumors, Sony will market the console at the end of 2020, during the holidays. Unsurprisingly, the group is looking to both take advantage of the holiday season and to shade the Xbox Scarlett (whose release is scheduled for the end of 2020).

In the following interview, Sony tease several features of the PS5. Mark Cerny, chief architect of Playstation, ensures that the ray-tracing of the console will be managed by a dedicated GPU signed AMD (generation Navi). As a reminder, ray-tracing allows you to enjoy particularly realistic graphics. The firm also confirms the integration of a 4K Blu-ray player capable of playing 100GB Blu-ray.

Unlike previous Sony consoles, the PS5 will allow players to install only certain parts of a game to reduce loading times. You can choose to install the campaign mode and leave the multiplayer mode for later and vice versa.

PS5: Sony tease the DualShock 5

Sony then discusses the DualShock 5, the new generation of levers that will equip the PS5. They are distinguished first DualShock 4 by the integration of a larger battery and a USB-C charging port. The firm claims to have developed “dynamic triggers” whose resistance depends entirely on the tool or the weapon in the game. In the same vein, a haptic technology will replace the traditional vibrations in order to ‘offer’ a sense of higher level immersion ‘. We tell you more as soon as possible on the PS5.