The newspaper-talk-show-show-host-turned-media-mogul used the platform late Monday night to discuss his exits with former President George W. Bush this weekend during a football match Dallas Cowboys.

The two men were surprised in the company of Laura, the wife of Bush, the actress Portia de Rossi, and the wife of Degeneres, in a suite of the stadium. The Cowboys faced the Green Bay Packers on Sunday. btw) in Dallas.

DeGeneres used his Twitter account to solve the controversy, tweeting a video of his monologue of nearly 4 minutes that speaks on his show.

Noting that it is not unusual for a celebrity to attend a sporting event, it was a big problem for her to be seen because, she joked, “I never leave my house” .

“So, Portia and I were invited by Charlotte Jones,” said DeGeneres. “She’s the daughter of Jerry Jones who owns the Dallas Cowboys, and we went because we wanted to keep up with the Jones.”

She then showed the audience a video she had taken during the match that showed her sitting with President Bush.

DeGeneres then joked about attacking the Packers as she was friends with their quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, and she applauded each time they scored “or whenever another whistleblower came forward.”

“The referees, you guys, the referees,” she told her audience laughing.

She responded to the criticisms she faced after being seen laughing with Bush, saying “People were unhappy”.

“They wondered why a gay Hollywood liberal is sitting next to a conservative Republican president?” DeGeneres asked. “A lot of people were angry, and they did what people do when they are angry … they tweet.”

But instead of sharing some of the negative tweets that targeted her, DeGeneres shared one that said: “Ellen and George Bush together trust me again in America.”

“Exactly, that’s the problem, I’m friends with George Bush,” she says. “In fact, I’m friends with a lot of people who do not share the same beliefs as me.”

DeGeneres said she thought people have forgotten that we are all different and that it does not matter.

The former vegan woman used the following example: she does not approve of wearing fur, but remains friendly with those who love her.

“But the fact that I do not agree with anyone about everything does not mean that I will not be friends with them,” she said. “When I say ‘be nice to each other’, I’m not just talking about people who think the same way as you, I mean, be nice to everyone.”

Bush was the guest of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in 2017.

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