Pink celebrated its 40th anniversary last year. 

Appearing on stage in the image of a naughty punk with a short haircut, Pink remains true to this scenic role to this day. Last year, the singer turned 40. With fans, Pink decided to share her thoughts on how to accept age-related changes while remaining herself. She posted an explicit letter on Twitter.

Honey, you’re getting old. I see these lines on your face, especially when you smile. Your nose is growing … And you somehow look strange (and feel). But this nose and these wrinkles, when you laugh … And yes, you idiot – you smoked. Every time you think you have something to do with your face, you watch a show where you want to see a person’s emotions, understand how he feels, and his face doesn’t move. No, I can not. I want my children to know how I look when I get angry,

she wrote.

In the letter, Pink noted that she was pleased with her physical form and the fact that she can still perform tricks on stage. And she considers her image to be the most advantageous, since from the very beginning of her career she was not fixated on her appearance and her sexuality.

I was lucky because I never really depended on my appearance. I knew that my talent and my personality are much more important than my face. So join me, I’m going to age in an old fashioned way! Her husband Keri Hart, with whom she has been together for almost 20 years, helps to get Pink’s self-confidence. Last September, congratulating Pink on his birthday, he posted a touching post:

Welcome to the 40th anniversary baby! I have already celebrated your 18th birthday. And it’s amazing to grow with you, with the person who is so inspiring. You have become a superstar, a successful business woman, a caring mother, a philanthropist, a sensitive wife, a winemaker, a motorcyclist and a great friend for all of us. Now you are more beautiful than ever, because you, like wine, become better with the years.