The performance with the gospel choir at the stadium in Arizona ended with revelations of the musician.

I quit drinking every week

– Kanye West admitted in his failed attempts to overcome alcoholism in December 2018. Today, a musician can confidently say that he quit drinking once and for all.

West spoke about the qualitative changes in his life during the next performance of the Sunday Service, which this time took place as part of the 10-hour Awaken 2020 service in Phoenix. Between the praise of the Almighty and the performance of theme songs, together with the gospel choir, Kanye told how he could recognize his problem – alcoholism, and after some time, after a series of failed attempts, still get free from it.

His speech began with the fact that the musician called himself the “Trojan horse of God”: he earned fame by working for the devil, but now uses his fame to spread the ideas of Jesus throughout the world.

They say that the Devil will never stop tempting a person, but know, God is the one who will laugh last. The Devil thought that he managed to capture me … But He returned to me clarity of mind. With him I found the truth. Look, I was in a psychiatric hospital, but I’m back. They did not think that I would get out. They already grabbed the shovels. They said: “His head is not all right, his career is definitely dead.” But Jesus saved me. It doesn’t matter how long you have been away from Him, how long you have wandered through the darkness, the light is right here. He is ready to save you, to give you self-confidence.

I never thought about how alcohol affects my life. I drank on the red carpet, and then, after a few minutes, I was already going on stage to perform. And everyone around me then said that I was not a real alcoholic. And suddenly the moment came when at breakfast I drank orange juice with vodka and thought it was normal. “No, what kind of alcoholic am I?” I suggested to myself then.

There was always a bottle of vodka in the refrigerator in my office. When I walked by, I drank a little from her every time – in the middle of the day. Once on the way to the kitchen for another portion of vodka, I stopped and said to myself: “Devil, today you can’t defeat me!” And this is the battle that I enter every day. With every sober day I triumph over the devil.

Kanye says that he compares the fight against addiction to the fight against the devil. It was this awareness that helped him give up a glass of booze for the first time and helps him stay sober now.