A talented director revealed the ins and outs of family life.

The iconic American director Quentin Tarantino boasted of his strained relationship with his mother and paid for it. The other day, Tarantino gave a frank interview in which he said that as a child he had vowed never to share royalties with his mother and kept his promise.

Tarantino began writing his first scripts in elementary school. At the same time, the director had problems with the teachers: they did not like that the student “rebelled” instead of teaching. The misunderstanding with the teachers made his mother very angry, which caused the woman to constantly scream.

“She yelled at me … And then in the middle of her tirade, she said:“ Oh, this is your ‘writing career’ that you are doing. It’s finished!” He remembered.

The director added, “And when she told me this in such a sarcastic manner, I thought, ‘Okay lady. When I become a successful writer, you will never get a dime out of my success. It won’t be home for you. There will be no vacation for you and Cadillac. You won’t get anything. “

Tarantino boasted – he kept his promise to himself. He helped his mother only once – when she had problems with the tax service, reports Insider.