On which only the victims do not go actors for the sake of interesting roles in the movies! For example, 49-year-old Javier Bardem had to recover greatly in order to get a role in the biographical drama ” Escobar ” (Loving Pablo), in which he starred along with his 44-year-old wife Penelope Cruz .

And if the actor himself took the request to gain weight for the sake of art is absolutely normal, Penelope was extremely unhappy with the sudden reincarnations of her lover. This Javier told in one of his recent interviews the publication People.

She was unhappy, first seeing me recovered and with a false belly! Penelope, of course, was warned in advance about how it would look, but still was very unhappy with what she saw,

– Bardem with a laugh told about the reaction of his wife to journalists.

The actor also said that he had to actively lean on chocolate, pasta and non-alcoholic beer in order to quickly gain weight for the role in Escobar. According to Javier, he decided to get well in order to play his hero in different periods of life – in some scenes Bardem appears without a belly, and in others – with him.

After completing the shooting, Bardem immediately started on a diet and started playing sports. Something tells us that Penelope insisted on this! While Javier has not yet come in perfect shape, however, by his own admission, continues to work intensively on himself. Now the actor resorts to a certain cunning and hides extra pounds under dark clothes.