31-year-old Blake Lively and 41-year-old Ryan Reynolds – a couple who are famous in Hollywood for a great sense of humor. Spouses regularly publicly banter on each other and the other day found another reason to please the fans with their lovely jokes.

The reason for the new fun was the post in Instagram Blake. The actress laid out a promotional photo of the film “Simple Awaiting” (A Simple Favor) with her participation, which was recently released in many countries around the world. In the picture, Lively, dressed in a trouser suit with a shoe, posing with a naked man in a … very provocative pose.


My turn …
– with a sense of humor signed a hot shot actress.

In the photo, not only the subscribers of the star reacted, but also her husband. In the comments, he hurried to answer Blake’s post and did it in his own humorous manner.

He seems kind to me,

– Ryan wrote.

The joke of Reynolds could not remain unnoticed by the fans of the star couple. In their comments, they immediately began to praise Blake and Ryan for their excellent sense of humor and be touched by their relationship to each other.

By the way, recently, Lively and Reynolds, who had long been known as the happiest pair of Hollywood, admitted that even more out of the Instagram joke. Apparently, this is an easy relationship to each other and helps the couple maintain an ideal relationship. To spite the constant rumors of parting, which periodically appear in the press, Blake and Ryan are happy together for six years and are brought up in the marriage of two amazing daughters – four-year-old James and two-year