Paris Hilton messes up her wedding plans. Fiancee since the beginning of the year to actor Chris Zylka, the American heiress was to say “yes” at a ceremony initially set for the fall. But Paris Hilton being what it is, things will not go as planned.

The grand wedding of Princess Paris Hilton will not be for now. Fiancee since last January to the actor Chris Zylka, a step which sealed a few months of love only, the heiress of 37 years (who explodes like crazy in Ibiza !) Recently made the decision to stagger the date of their wedding.

According to the information reported on 14 August 2018 by the Page Six , Paris Hilton has indeed rejected the big fiesta of six months. “ They were supposed to get married in November, but they pushed back the date in May, she wanted to have more time to plan things,” said one indiscreet. The wedding, which promises of course to be one of the most lavish showbiz, will be celebrated in Los Angeles.

Known to the public for his role in the series The Leftovers , Chris Zylka had asked for the hand of his tender and dear during a skiing holiday in Aspen (Colorado). The 33-year-old comedian delighted his sweetheart by slipping on his finger an impressive 20-carat diamond valued at $ 2 million .