Nabilla takes full advantage of her holidays in Greece. The starlet took the pose in a swimsuit with hair in the wind!

for several days, Nabilla has been in Mykonos, Greece. The reality TV star seems to have loved her first getaway to Santorini. She wanted to return to the Greek islands for her holidays.

At the beginning of the summer, Nabilla left with her darling, Thomas in Santorini, Greece. The starlet had loved her vacation on the island and she had taken many pictures. For several days, the celebrity seems to have returned to Greece but this time, she chose a more festive destination. She put down her suitcases in Mykonos on another Greek island of the Cyclades . Since then, she enjoys the beach as well as social events.

A few hours ago, Nabilla unveiled a brand new picture of her on Instagram. The reality TV star is in a red bikini with white dots. She seems to be posing near the island’s famous windmills and enjoying the sun. A little blue top covers her shoulders and she is holding a bag. To be comfortable, the starlet has opted for flip flops but she still has the class in this outfit!



hair in the wind 💨

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Many Nabilla subscribers commented on his picture on Instagram. First, the woman did not receive only compliments since many asked her to take the right size of swimsuit. And for good reason, we can see a small part of her breasts out of her bikini . The starlet seems to have purposely allowed to glimpse his chest to give a more sexy side to the photo.

“Take the right size for the top of the shirt next time. “ Explained a surfer.

Fortunately, most comments are compliments from his fans. Some thought that Nabilla had to raise the temperature on the Greek island in this outfit. In any case, the celebrity benefits to make his holidays and Greece is surely one of his favorite destinations of the summer!