39-year-old socialite Paris Hilton has always been associated with a glamorous and carefree life full of fun and parties. However, as she confessed in the trailer for the upcoming This Is Paris documentary, she’s actually not at all what everyone’s used to seeing her.

I feel like the whole world thinks it knows me. But nobody knows who I really am. Sometimes I don’t even know myself who I am. I wasn’t like that before. I’m so used to playing a character that it’s hard for me to be normal

– admitted the star

Paris also said that she experienced a trauma as a child. But which one, it is difficult to understand from a short excerpt from the trailer.

In my childhood, something happened that I never talked about with anyone. I couldn’t tell you guys because every time I tried I was punished. I still have nightmares. The only thing that saved my mind was the thought of who I want to be when I get out of there,

– she admitted.

According to the official description, Emmy-winning director Alexandra Dean’s documentary promises to “reveal the international icon’s hidden past,” and Paris will confront “the heartbreaking trauma that has made her who she is today.

According to Paris herself, the filming was “almost therapeutic.”I’m excited but also very nervous considering the topics discussed in this film. These are things that I have never said before, they are really personal and traumatic, so it is very difficult to talk about it in public.

Obviously, I’m used to being in a cell all the time. But I’ve always been a very shy person, so I loved creating the character and playing it. Being yourself was a completely different experience, but in some ways and almost therapeutic. I’ve learned so much about myself. I had no idea why I am who I am, and now I understand myself much better,

– she admitted on the air of the Jimmy Kimmel show