The celebrity has already chosen an unusual name for her daughter, but cannot decide on the name of her son.

Recently, 39-year-old Paris Hilton took part in the recording of the LadyGang podcast, where she spoke about her family plans. Before that, she said that she froze the eggs.

The first will be a boy and a girl – twins. When you freeze the eggs, you can choose the gender of the baby and have twins. I will call the girl London, but I have not yet come up with a name for the boy. So I ask my friends if someone will have interesting options. The girl will definitely be London. But I do not want to continue the theme of cities. It’s very difficult to choose a name for a child

– shared Paris.

According to her, Kim Kardashian advised her to freeze the eggs. “We had a good talk with her on this topic. Kim introduced me to her doctor and inspired me to do it. It seems to me that all women should do this, because this way you can really control the situation, and not panic: “Oh, I urgently need to get married!”

– shared a celebrity. Hilton says she would really like to have a daughter:

I really want to have a mini version of me, I really want to look after her and dress her up.

The star has been dating entrepreneur Carter Reum for a year and a half. A source from the couple’s inner circle says that “she has never been so happy.” Earlier in an interview, Paris said that she would like to start a family with Carter, and noted that he would be a good father:

I finally found my soul mate. The one with whom I want to spend the rest of my life and have a family.