It seems as if Pamela Anderson (50) waited for the death of former Playboy boss Hugh Hefner to expose the biggest secrets of The Mansion. “He had sex with seven women while I watched,” she tells Piers Morgan in the Life Stories program.

The reputation of Hugh Hefner’s villa is well known. But What Happens at the Mansion, stays at the Mansion was always the credo. Hugh Hefner died last year at the age of 91 and for the first time his former covergirl was very loose-lipped. In the talk show of the Brit Piers Morgan she told them about her adventures in the legendary house. ,, I had no idea that I was on my way to an orgy, “says the superstar, who saw seven girls walking from the famous ‘grotto’ to the bedroom  when she arrived

. “Everyone was naked and the girls suddenly went upstairs. I followed them then, because I wanted to know what was going on in the bedrooms. Seven girls had separate sex with Hef, “she said. 

The model felt anything but at ease. ,, I was standing at the foot of the bed, when I realized that they were all staring at me. I thought: This is not a film, I have to get out of here. But everyone kept on looking “, says Pamela. Whether she participated in the escapades that evening herself, she leaves it in the middle.

Under pressure

“He loved women and he also gave them power”
Pamela Anderson

Piers also asked the actress if she ever felt pressured to do certain activities in exchange for performance, money or an assignment. ,, I never felt forced at Hef, “she claimed. “He was a real gentleman, super charming. He loved women and he also gave them power. The man was a pioneer, he created his own unique lifestyle. It was not overly lascivious, I thought it all very innocent. ” Although she does not have a bad word for Hugh Hefner, the ultimate Playboy model often got strange proposals from other gentlemen in the film and model business. “They told me they would give the job to a different model, if I did not come to them in their room. And they did that too. ”

In Hugh Hefner, too, she found a support and a helping hand. ,, If I felt pushed, I moved to Hef. He always took it for me when I felt bad, “she replied. “Sometimes they offered me $ 100,000 to ‘sit in the jacuzzi with them’. And then I knew they wanted more. Then I always said: Stop asking that, I call Hef. But the other girls did not always like that. Some wanted to earn extra money, but I did not want to. “