Another protagonist of the Bad Boys spin-off series was also found.

For a long time we thought we could say goodbye to the expansion of the Bad Boys franchise, and then everything went wrong: a Bad Boys for Life formerly undesirable, resurrected, and announced a spin-off series to the character of Martin Lawrence’s sister Sydney “Syd” will concentrate on Burnett, again in the formulation of Gabrielle Union.

NBC has already commissioned the pilot and we learned the serial story in which Syd left his former job and starts a new career, will be a detective at the Los Angeles Police Department where a partner of Nancy McKenna, a working mother of two, will be his partner, Syd’s free life. McKenna joined the army after college, then served in Iraq and Afghanistan in the 2000s but did not allow women to fight, so he joined the military police to get closer to the action. The Variety just reported that McKenna is a talented actress, Jessica Alba (Fantastic Four, Sin City – Sin city, Dark Angel) will play, and paves the fate of the project executice producer. 

The Bad Boys series, which is still untitled, is a blacklist writer and producer Brandon Margolis and Brandon Sonnier, while Jerry Bruckheimer is a producer.