A few days after announcing her breakup with Adil Rami, Pamela Anderson flew to Malibu, USA. On his account Instagram, the star has ensured being well surrounded, through a brief but reassuring message.

The break was particularly brutal between Pamela Anderson and Adil Rami. After two years of relationship, the 51-year-old actress put an end to her grueling love affair with the footballer. Accused of infidelity and physical violence against the American star , the 33 – year – old would have done everything to win back the former head of the Malibu Alert . Closer has indeed revealed that the defender Olympique Marseille tried to enter the Parisian hotel where the former participant of Dancing with the stars had taken refuge. This attempt was unsuccessful and the player of the France team was ”  renewed manu militari at the door  “.

A new traumatic episode that did not stop there for Pamela Anderson, since she would have been ”  hunted down  ” by her ex . The latter had indeed taken a room at the Mandarin Oriental, located a few meters from the hotel Costes where she was staying, ”  surrounded by two bodyguards  .” The star was finally able to move away from the one she accuses of having led a ”  double life  ” and left for the United States . Across the Atlantic, the actress was able to find one of his most valuable support .

After this moment of comfort, the star reassured her fans by confirming that she is now well surrounded. ”  I am protected. I’m safe,  “she wrote on her Instagram account. Surrounded by her two boys, Dylan and Brandon, the actress will now be able to try to move on.

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I am protected 🌹I am safe …

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