NEW YORK, NEW YORK - JUNE 28: Lady Gaga speaks onstage during Pride Live's 2019 Stonewall Day on June 28, 2019 in New York City. Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Pride Live/AFP
Rainbow dressed, the pop star celebrated Friday in New York the anniversary of the riots in Stonewall, turning historic in the fight for homosexual rights.

Lady Gaga made a surprise appearance in New York on the anniversary of the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, a historic turning point in the fight for gay rights. 
“I really hope you’re celebrating today who you are,” said the LGBTQ singer, from Greenwich Village in Manhattan, who was fighting for six days in 1969, police officers and police. gays exasperated by years of repression.

“You were born that way and you are superstars,” she continued to the applause, in a reference to her title Born This Way , which has become a gay anthem. 

The American popstar, dressed in a rainbow jacket, praised the enormous progress made in half a century for the rights of homosexuals, while recalling the challenges that always rose against them.

“Attacks on the transsexual community are becoming more frequent,” she warned. “I will not tolerate that and I know you either.”

In a good-natured atmosphere, Lady Gaga had a word for the “extremely repressive” administration of President Donald Trump, and encouraged Americans to “love one another and to make their voices heard”. 
The festivities will continue this weekend with concerts of Madonna and Grace Jones, before a giant pride march on Sunday on the famous 5th Avenue.  
If New York’s “World Pride” is traditionally one of the largest in the world, the authorities expect this year two to three million additional people.