LOS ANGELES, CA - FEBRUARY 10: Actress Pamela Anderson (center) and her sons Brandon Lee (L) and Dylan Lee attend the Saint Laurent show at The Hollywood Palladium on February 10, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

The star spoke in a long statement.

Pamela Anderson takes a stand. After her ex-husband Tommy Lee accused their eldest son Brandon (21) of having hit him in the face during an altercation that took place on March 6 at the musician’s home, the former na├»ve star of Alerte. in Malibu was expressed Thursday, March 8, 2018 in a statement sent to the site TMZ .

In this one, the 50-year-old star affirms his ” utmost confidence in Brandon and his team to solve this sad and unfortunate situation concerning his father “. And to point fingers at his former spouse for his misbehavior triggered by his excess of the bottle. ” I pray that Tommy will get the help he needs, his actions are desperate and humiliating, he is a disaster, out of control, and he is not acting like a father, but it is not new. ” she said.

Assuring that their sons (the ex-couple is also a relative of 20-year-old Dylan) have done ” all they can to try to help her in the past few months, ” Pamela Anderson pushes Tommy Lee a bit further by claiming that The last is ” constantly at the center of the drama and confusion, jealous that he is the talent and beauty of his sons.He is sick, the definition of the narcissistic sociopath,” she added.

 Tommy tries to destroy his own son

Completely ” alcoholic ” according to Pamela Anderson, Tommy Lee ” never assumed guilt over his abusive behavior and never took responsibility for what he did .” The actress directly evokes the time when she accused her former husband of domestic violence. A complaint was filed in 1998, causing the end of their marriage.

Pamela Anderson, who finally adds that Brandon has encouraged her ” for the moment ” to stay in France where she is ” safe and beloved ” ( she lives in Marseille with footballer Adil Rami ), concludes her message by suggesting that Tommy Lee only had what he deserved. ” I support my son who acted in self-defense and feared for his life. (…) He hit him in the face for all the times he hurt us.” Now, Tommy feels humiliated and tries to destroy his own son, it’s the demon, the disease of alcoholism. ”

As a reminder, Tommy Lee (55) claims that his son brutally attacked him for no reason while he was resting in bed with his fiancee Brittany Furlan (31). Brandon, for his part, explained that he had sought to protect himself from a drunken, verbally abusive father. The dispute erupted after the model confronted her father with incendiary tweets about Pamela Anderson. A lawsuit was filed and Tommy Lee also sought an expulsion order, assuring that his son owned firearms.