Her husband, actor Doug Hutchison, was 50 on the day of the ceremony.

The love life of the stars fascinates their thousands of admirers! Those of Courtney Stodden support her in a new test. The 23-year-old reality TV star and singer divorces her husband, Doug Hutchison.

It’s TMZ reveals information: Courtney Stooden divorced and launched proceedings Tuesday March 6th. The pretty blonde and actor Doug Hutchison were married in May 2011 in Las Vegas. Their union caused a scandal because of the age difference of the two spouses. Courtney was 16 at the time. Her husband celebrated, a few days after the ceremony, her 51st birthday.

Courtney Stooden formalized the scoop on Instagram by revealing the title of her new single, 6teen ( sixteen, “16 years old” in French, her age at her wedding).


Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison did not have children.