Good news for lovers of the multiplayer game Overwatch: it will be free for a few days and especially this weekend. You will have the opportunity to discover it on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Good news for gamers, who will enjoy this weekend multi-player successful game Overwatch , which found its audience by allowing players to compete on Windows, Xbox One and PS4. The various events organized around the game are important for understanding the craze related to gambling.

A whole weekend to enjoy a flagship game from the Blizzard catalog

The game allows a lot of possibilities, since we can evolve within distinct game modes, that we can embody different heroes depending on whether we want to attack or conversely defend. At present, the game still has 30 million followers.

As Overwatch requires a learning time for the player to appropriately use it, the publisher has decided to launch a strategy of free play for this weekend. It will then be possible to test the different heroes of the game, numbering 26, but also experimenting with different game configurations.

A game that has been very successful

Similarly, it will be possible to seize levels and have access to customization features. So if you want to test the game, do not miss the opportunity that presents itself to you between February 16 and February 20, from 8 pm on Friday at 8:59 am on Tuesday. This free period concerns all the platforms.

Specifically, PS4 users who subscribe to PlayStation Plus, those with an Xbox One Xbox Live Gold subscription, will have the option to download the game for free at no additional cost. This also applies to gamers who play on PCs.

Indeed, they will have access to Overwatch if they have a Blizzard account. Another good news, access to the game for free does not require any prior registration or access code. What attract a lot of future followers and give even more notoriety to Overwatch.