According to a source from the banking sector, it may well be that we arrive in France in April, the mobile payment service of Google, called Google Pay and in the past Android Pay.

Mobile payment services are starting to grow gradually in the world. If we know especially Apple Pay at the moment, to pay via his iPhone or an Apple Watch, we know a little less what offers Google in the field, remained rather confidential in the hexagon.

Google Pay, a merger between Android Pay and Google Wallet

Indeed, its former mobile payment service, namely Android Pay, has not really been launched in France, but the deal should change in the coming months, since Google has now decided to go to the assault of our country for propose a new mobile payment service.

This one will be called Google Pay and should land in France in April. The service is the result of the merger between Android Pay and Google Wallet, an application whose goal was simply to transfer money to a loved one or a bank. We had heard about Google Pay during the CES in Las Vegas in January, where the company explained: ” With Google Pay, it will be easier for you to use the payment information stored in your Google account. which will allow you to accelerate your purchases with peace of mind »

A mobile payment service soon available in France

This all-in-one service offered by Google Pay will undoubtedly benefit from a powerful solution to revolutionize our behavior in terms of purchase. The device would see the day through a partnership since an agreement would have been found between a French bank (which we do not yet know which) and the firm of Mountain View. The timing seems to match, especially since the Google developer conference will take place this year from 8 to 10 May 2018.

Knowing that Google I / O is an opportunity to debate the changes and innovations of the moment, the opportunity seems to be found to advertise Google Pay. In addition, it seems quite likely that this online payment service is not only deployed in France, but also in other countries. One way, in short, to compete with Apple Pay, which was talked about on Valentine’s Day, after its launch with Société Générale.