Outlast 2 will soon have a “Story mode” making the game much less difficult for players!

This is a news that will make the hardcore gamers cringe: the advent of a ” story mode ” for the game Outlast 2. A game that has demonstrated many times its difficulty and its requirement. Chance of the calendar: it is on the occasion of the next release on Switch that the hit will get this ” Story mode ” that will make Outlast 2 much less difficult, favoring exploration.

Monsters too sturdy

It was last year that Outlast 2 had again measured its difficulty. The ” fault ” monsters too robust that will have given cold sweats to many players. The studio Red Barrels decides to review again its copy with the ” Story mode “. Thanks to this one, the enemies will be less numerous to bet on the narration of the survival horror. Players will be able to explore more serenely the recesses of this real nightmare video game. As explained earlier, chance of the calendar, the deployment of this ” Story mode ” almost coincides with the arrival of the hit on Switch: a rather family console.