Both X-Men: Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants have been postponed for several months by film company 20th Century Fox.


X-Men Dark Phoenix, with Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence in the lead roles, would be released in the US on November 2, 2018. The new release date is now February 14, 2019. The film is a sequel to X-Men: Apocalypse from 2016.

Because this film was postponed, it was decided to let Bohemian Rhapsody, the Freddie Mercury biography film, run in the cinemas. This will now be released on November 2 instead of Christmas Day in 2018.

The X-Men spinoff New Mutants has been postponed for the second time and will be released on August 2, 2019, which would be February 22nd.

Just like in the original series, the  New Mutants form a superhero team, although all characters are still teenagers. For example, Anya Taylor-Joy with Magik in the skin of a young sorceress and also the sister of  X-Men character Colossus. Wolfsbane (role of Maisie Williams) is also a young mutant, which can change into a wolf.