In an attempt to attract a younger audience and increase the rating of the TV program, the Academy announced several weeks ago that Oscar would receive another category – for “popular films.” However, just as easily as this new nomination has appeared, it has disappeared – the Academy representatives officially announced that the innovation is being postponed, and at the Oscars in 2019 they will not be awarded blockbusters.

The decision was made after the initiative of the Film Academy criticized absolutely everything – actors, directors, producers, film critics. The official statement of the Film Academy states that the organization “recognizes the need for further discussion,” but at the same time emphasizes that the Academy does not abandon plans to “celebrate the superiority of a wider range of films.”

Recall, the emergence of the “Oscar” for blockbusters became known last month, but the Film Academy did not bother to clarify the criteria for potential applicants for the statuette. After a flurry of questions followed by a flurry of criticism, “Oscar” for blockbusters dubbed “consolation prize”