The publisher of the game Roblox, Handcrafted, can congratulate himself for capturing the attention of an investment fund, because the company now has $ 150 million to facilitate its internationalization.

Unless you’re a fan of the first hour, it’s likely you’ve never heard of Roblox. This game type MMO sandbox is mainly for a young audience, it allows to express its creativity for free and has been available in French for two years (if we’re not mistaken). Still, the game was struggling to internationalize really, lack of resources and despite a community of more than 15 million players. But that was before …

For starters, what is Roblox?

On the website of the platform you can read: ” Roblox is the ideal place to give free rein to his imagination with his friends. With the largest user-created online multiplayer platform and more than 15 million titles, Roblox is the # 1 video game site for kids and teens (source: comScore) . ” The site says: ” Every day, virtual explorers connect to Roblox to create their adventures, have fun, role-play and learn with their friends in an immersive 3D environment suitable for the whole family .”

Roblox is a cross-platform game, already available on PC, Android, Xbox One, Mac, iOS and Amazon terminals. It is therefore possible to play with all his friends easily from any terminal. The game is extremely popular, just take a ride on YouTube to be convinced.

Roblox raises $ 150 million

Good news for the community, Roblox has managed to unlock $ 150 million from the investment fund Greylock Partners and Tiger Global for the purpose of really being able to expand internationally. A nice sum that will offer great opportunities to the publisher Handcrafted. The company aims especially China, with its huge market that would boost the statistics of the game considerably.

If you were looking for an interesting way to introduce your children to programming, you should take a look at Roblox!