Oprah Winfrey will not sign up as a presidential candidate until she receives a signal from God that she must do it. “I have asked prayers and god for a sign, which I have not had.”


The presenter was tipped as the presidential candidate after her thanks at the Golden Globes. There she won the Cecil B. DeMille Award. Her speech was touching for many people and led to Winfrey being mentioned by many people as a suitable president.

Winfrey did not have the slightest idea of how enthusiastic people were after her speech, she tells People. “I finished the stage with Reese (Witherspoon, ed.) And just thought:” That’s what it’s all about. “It was only in the press room that I heard that everyone was talking about my speech.”

The presenter was then called by many people who would like to sponsor her campaign. “They called me and offered billions, but all those people who did that made me wonder if I should seriously consider it.”