Oprah Winfrey (67) is not pleased with the candid interview that the British Prince Harry (36) gave last week in ‘The Late Late Show’, which is presented by James Corden (42). After all, Harry and his wife Meghan Markle (39) also gave her an exclusive interview, which will only be broadcast in the United States on Monday. “They’ve been ahead of her, and now she’s lost a piece of her scoop.”

Harry told James some anecdotes about his life in the royal family. For example, he revealed that the British press made his life unbearable. “I did what any good husband and father would do: I took my family out of there.” In addition, he also talked about the Netflix series ‘The Crown’, which he said would give a fairly realistic picture of “what it means to be a royal, and to put your duty above yourself and your family”. And that’s just a small selection of the various shocking revelations that the prince revealed in ‘The Late Late Show’. 

Oprah is not happy with these developments, as she had hoped to write the very first interview with Harry to her name. According to insiders, Harry and his wife Meghan Markle had promised her exclusivity. The couple also explained on her sofa why they chose to leave the royal family and leave the UK. Unfortunately

for Oprah, that particular tidbit has already been made public. 

“Anyone who has seen Harry’s interview with James Corden understands that Oprah is now furious,” said insiders. “She was unaware that the prince was planning to speak to another TV personality and now feels cheated.” 

However, according to experts, the interview between Harry and James was not planned. Jo De Poorter, communications and royalty expert, analyzed the conversation  and concluded that Harry probably promised impulsively. “That much-discussed interview came right after the Queen took away their titles and patronages, including Harry’s military titles. In his frustration, he will soon have agreed to an interview in which he could return the ball. For example, we see him on a military course. A clear message to the monarchy: they can take his titles from him, but he remains a soldier. ”