The American police killed a person who shot citizens in Brooklyn, New York.

According to ABC, a man shot and wounded two people, and when the police arrived at the scene, he opened fire and seriously wounded him, leading to his later death.

The source added that two policemen were also wounded during the incident.

The situation in New York was exacerbated by the protests over the killing of a dark-skinned citizen.

New York police reported that they arrested about 700 people for their participation in the protests last night, while city authorities decided to extend the curfew until the end of the week.

The New York Police Command said earlier that its agents had arrested about 700 people for their participation in the protests and riots that took place in the city last night in violation of the curfew system.

She added that the number of people arrested so far since the beginning of the protests in New York 5 days ago was around 2,000.

It also stated that at least 6 of its members were wounded during the clashes with the protesters, who, according to the statement, destroyed 6 police cars.

And the New York Police Command said that 40 of its members were injured in general as a result of the riots in the city during this period.

Meanwhile, New York Mayor Bill de Palacio announced in a press conference that curfew hours will be extended to take from today 20:00 to 05:00, indicating that this system will be in effect until the end of this week.

De Palacio pledged to “take all necessary measures to end the unrest in the city,” but he stressed his refusal to introduce National Guard troops into New York, despite the criticism he faces because of this decision.

Dozens of American cities are witnessing ongoing large-scale protests against the violence of the security forces and racism, accompanied by violence fueled by the killing of an African-American citizen, George Floyd, as a result of a roughly arrested operation by police in Minneapolis on May 25.