Based on the film for the original book.

For the release of the film “After. Chapter 2 “starring Josephine Langford and Hiro Fiennes-Tiffin recorded a message to the audience, which they posted on social networks. Among other things, in the video, Josephine says.

We can finally inform you that the third and fourth films are officially in production.

The film After, which premiered in 2019, was based on the novel of the same name by Anna Todd. In 2013, a Texas waitress set herself the goal of publishing one chapter of her book a day on the Internet. Her first novel received 1.5 million electronic reads, and after the release of the paper book, it sold out in the amount of 15 million copies. Cosmopolitan magazine called the writer “the greatest literary phenomenon of her generation.” The cycle “After” consists of the novels “After”, “After we collided”, “After We Fell”, “After – After Ever Happy”.

In the movie “After” follows the story of a diligent student Tessa Young and a rebel from a wealthy family, Hardin Scott. After a chance meeting, they realize that they cannot live without each other. But it is very difficult to be together representatives of different strata of society with different views on life. The film “After 2 ”is an adaptation of the second novel of the book cycle. The main character has another fan. Will he be able to turn the idyll of a couple in love into a love triangle?