Probably in the picture, Pompeo is captured with her new on-screen lover.

Last Tuesday, Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo posted on her Instagram a photo from the set of the next season, where she poses in a mask with her colleague Richard Flood. With this snapshot, Pompeo confirmed that production of the show has finally resumed – six months after the work was closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The actress added the following signature to her post.

I put on my dressing gown again. Since we interrupted filming [in March], 7,000 medical workers have died from COVID. I dedicate my seventeenth season to everyone who fell victim to the virus, as well as to each of you who, by the grace of God, are still alive and well … This season is for you, there will be a little humor in it to make it easier to go through the trials, and also endless gratitude. I hope you will be proud of us.

The fact that Pompeo was photographed with Flood suggests that in the seventeenth season of their characters, Meredith and Cormac, may be romantically linked. This is also supported by the fact that from now on Flood is a member of the main cast of Grey’s Anatomy.