NYPD officer Yvonne Wu was charged Thursday night with murder and attempted murder for allegedly shooting his ex-girlfriend and killing the woman’s new lover in a fit of jealous rage, police said.

The 31-year-old and five-year-old force veteran took a photo on Wednesday night and allegedly performed the double shot at his ex-girlfriend Jenny Li’s home in Brooklyn.

Wu, who works in the 72nd neighborhood of Sunset Park, waited at home for hours until her ex showed up at 5 p.m. with 24-year-old new sweetheart, Jamie Liang.

After allegedly shooting the two women, Wu left the house and confessed to the murders, police and a high-ranking source said.

Li, 23, was found in a room at the house with a gunshot wound to his chest. Liang. shot at least once in the chest, was discovered on the living room floor, police said.

Both women were hospitalized. Liang could not be saved and Li is expected to recover, authorities said.

The alleged killer police officer may have argued with Liang in the days leading up to the bloodshed, a source said.

Wu – whose two-year relationship with Li ended three weeks ago – may have broken up because she clung to the hope that they would get back together, sources said.

On Thursday evening, Wu was staying at NYU Langone Hospital in Brooklyn, where she was undergoing an assessment.