Former comedy Star Bill Cosby was released from jail after serving nearly three years in June of this year.

But no rest to from his legal troubles as the Comedian has been again sued by an actress who used to appear on Comedian’s former comedy series “The Cosby Show”, the actress filed a lawsuit against the comedian on Thursday in which she claimed that Cosby drugged her and raped her in 1990.

As per the details of lawsuite, Lili Bernard alleged that she met Bill Cosby on the set of The Cosby Show, and Cosby offered to mentor her in July of 1990 while she pursued her acting career.. CNN reports.

As per the lawsuite Bill presented him as a guiding figure just like father before the incident of sexual harrassment occured with Bernard.

As per the documents of the lawsuit he “violently, and without permission grabbed and squeezed” her breasts during an exercise in vocal projection.

Bernard goes on stating in the suit saying that in the Month of August 1990, Cosby drugged her and raped her at the Trump Taj Mahal casino resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey, this all happend after Cosby convinced her to travel there by telling her that he arranged a meeting with a producer who would advance her career.

All the accusations have been denied by the legal resentatives of Bill Cosby.

As per the statement given by Andrew Wyatt on Thursday “This is just another attempt to abuse the legal process, by opening up the flood gates for people, who never presented an ounce of evidence, proof, truth and/or facts, in order to substantiate their alleged allegations.”

This is also claimed by the Lilli Bernard the absuse she suffered caused her psychological, mental and physical trauma, and she is seeking $125 million in damages.

Lilli Bernard said in a news release “I have waited a long time to be able to pursue my case in court and I look forward to being heard and to hold Cosby accountable for what he did to me. Although it occurred long ago, I still live with the fear, pain and shame every day of my life,”.

The 84-year-old former comedian Bill Cosby from the “The Cosby Show” was released from his prison sentence when a judge decided that the prosecutor who had him arrested was bound by his predecessor’s agreement not to charge Cosby.

So, the charges were dropped and Cosby was freed.